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U.S. National Security Agency has access to data on smartphones

Available such confidential information, as contact lists, SMS-traffic as well as the user’s location.

U.S. National Security Agency has access to data on all smartphone of popular manufacturers. This was on Saturday, September 7, 2013, reported the German magazine Der Spiegel, citing new leak of secret documents . According to a document obtained by journalists edition, NSA available such confidential information on the iPhone and devices running BlackBerry and Android, as contact lists, SMS-traffic, and user location.

To gain access to sensitive data stored on smart phones, the NSA has created a special group to work with different platforms. The document notes that the experts of the American intelligence agencies have access to at least 38 features iPhone. Moreover, they can have access to computers when users connect their mobile devices to synchronize.

As for the devices operating on the basis of BlackBerry, then , according to the documents, the NSA can ” browse and read SMS- traffic.” In 2009, when the Canadian company acquired another company and changed the way of data compression, security service lost the ability to access data on the devices BlackBerry. However, in March 2010, access was restored.

NSA also has access to mail services BlackBerry, which were previously considered very reliable and safe , and the company claimed that it is impossible to crack. Asked by reporters about Spiegel, BlackBerry representatives refused to comment on the situation , but noted that no backdoors into their products they do not set.

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