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Teen tracking apps: Good parenting or risky?

Useful Parental Controls

Unlike the old days, parents can now easily track their children’s whereabouts through monitoring applications. Some of options that parents can easily choose from include, Mama Bear, Canary and TheOneSpy. According to parents, adopting monitoring applications as a means of keeping an eye on their kids is smart parenting which has ever since evolved over the years. However, there exist a number of varying views that are still skeptical of the idea.

Researchers and psychologists believe using monitoring applications is an indirect means of telling your children that you don’t trust them nor their judgment. On the other hand, monitoring softwares like TheOnSpy allows parents to keep track of their kids’ exact location, their social media activity along with keeping an eye on who they are in contact with. Since almost every other teen has a smart phone today, monitoring their activities and location has become very easy. Parents can now remotely check their messages, call logs and other activities limited to the virtual world easily through their own smart gadgets.

But therapists conclude that keeping such a strict eye on children leads to damaging parent-child relationships. In fact, they advocate open conversations along with other strategies to strengthen parent-child relationships. Here are a few ways it can be done:

1. Have open conversations with children about the risks associated with the virtual world.
2. Equip them with the confidence that they are strong enough to take care of themselves by allowing them to confide in you at every twist and turn.
3. Make it clear to children that their social media passwords will always be open to parents and as parents you have the authority to check their virtual activity whenever you want.
4. Attach curfews to gadget usage to help children learn about time management and prioritizing their work.
5. Encourage children to always keep parents in the loop about their location and hangout spots.

Then again, advocates of monitoring applications believe that the best and most authentic way of knowing their children’s exact whereabouts and activity logs is through spying softwares. Such parents justify their actions by stating that they are merely forced to take such measures out of love and safety concerns for their children. Other reasons for using monitoring applications include:

1. Cyberbullying

The virtual world has introduced the concept of cyberbullying which unlike school yard bullying can take up many different forms and practices. Kids that are subject to cyberbullying grow up to be psychologically disturbed as the act itself takes a strong toll on their emotional wellbeing. However, with monitoring applications, this can all be adequately tracked and reported before any permanent damage is done. Unlike the “having open conversations” practice where the kid may confide in their parents too late, using monitoring applications is by far the most effective way to protect your offspring.

2. Online predators

There are many dangers lurking in the dark with the worst being online predators. However, kids are not very mature to identify these threats and hence may get tangled into scandals and acts without knowing the repercussions. However, with monitoring applications parents can identify these in the early onset and adequately prevent them also.

3. Suicidal tendencies

The virtual world is a modern kid’s emotional canvas. Children are more inclined towards sharing their emotional journeys online than they are with their parents or in journals and diaries. Kids who have been subjected to emotional trauma via cyberbullying, violence or sexual predators may exhibit symptoms which can be adequately identified and worked upon before the kid tries anything drastic. This can be done via monitoring applications where parents can keep an eye on whatever their children are interested in recently or are updating on their online profiles.

Then again monitoring applications are not only limited to damaging parent-child relationships. There is an even more pressing issue which has to do with the data that the monitoring application is collecting via your usage. Properly going through each monitoring application’s privacy policy is very important as these applications are always collecting data on their online servers which could easily be used for marketing promotions and in other avenues as well.


Monitoring applications come with a number of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore,it solely depends on how the user interprets these. But either ways one should always be careful as with monitoring softwares the stalker could easily become the stalked even.

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