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Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 integrated security solution

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Symantec has announced a new version of its own integrated solutions for supply security on the client machines on a corporate network under the name Endpoint Protection 12. Monitoring behavior and reputation of local applications, web applications and websites offered by general purpose ensures superior protection of any terminal in the terminal Organization.

Even in the new version of Endpoint Protection customers are significantly increased performance, and more help for virtual environments and the “cloud” defense to block such threats before, as they suited to the boundaries of corporate networks. One of the fundamental blocks of the updated package of Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 for the first time became a proprietary technology Insight to “cloud” Power Control – This technology helps to protect the client PCs, identifying and blocking malicious code based on a large database that includes more than 2.5 standards billion unique executables.

Furthermore Technology Insight, a package Endpoint Protection 12 is used, another proprietary technology under the name Sonar 3 – is a hybrid device blocking programs on the behavior and reputation. Sonar technology allows to block all three just which were the still unexplored threat of “zero day” – instead of the traditional analysis of the signature files used by the analysis of the behavior of every single piece of code.

An important component of the chief of defense which they ought guarantee package Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 is a high performance and the transfer of functions in the “cloud” – it guarantees up to 70% cost reduction of internal computing resources to the client’s safety. According to the Symantec, antivirus usually consume too many resources, as do a perfect test, “and from”. Technology Insight and Sonar package Endpoint Protection 12 make it possible to cut a range scan, in order to perform the test more rapid and less. For example, the test can be performed only in those periods when the PC is placed in standby mode.

Endpoint Protection 12 Pack is optimized for use in virtualized environments. In particular, the virtual machines on one server physiological never scanned at once, so as not to reduce the overall performance.

Especially for large customers than firm Symantec in the first edition released Small Business Edition package Endpoint Protection 12. In this edition of the friendly expert in the installation is connected, ready to set a diplomat security, and even an automated device notification and reporting – these tools will be particularly useful for organizations with limited IT-resources.

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