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Microsoft Windows 8.1 launches tomorrow

Microsoft Windows 8It is expected that the first new product will be able to residents of Australia and New Zealand – to have access to the OS will be open at noon local time.

Recall that users in the near future should not wait for the box with the operating system on the market. To get Windows 8.1, you first need to buy Windows 8, and then download the update via the Internet. Buyers of new PCs and laptops will be able to get this system at once in the form of a pre-installed – Microsoft began to distribute in advance the distribution of OEM- Partheni. Business users of Microsoft this time did not get the benefits of access to the operating system and for them to be opened on the same basis.

It is expected that at the same time with the debut of the operating system on the market there will be a new wave of computer equipment – is a PC and a notebook based on Intel Haswell processors and new processors from AMD. Also, new PCs and laptops will be equipped with a faster SSD- drives and memory chips.

As for the operating system such as Windows 8.1, there is enough new features:

– First, it is the traditional set of cumulative updates and fixes that are relevant to the release of Windows 8;

– Secondly, it is the revision of the interface – the Start button returns to the operating system;

– Thirdly, there is claimed to support the new equipment, as well as new-fangled standards LTE, Bluetooth 4.0 and 4K- video.

The latter implies that you have the appropriate monitor and video card. Also, the OS has a lot of less significant innovations that become apparent only in the course of daily work with the system.

In addition, this system has another important innovation – it has reduced hardware requirements, in particular, it can be installed on devices with low-power Atom chips and small screens with touch features. What does this mean in practice? This means that the market will be 7 and 8 -inch tablet based on Windows 8.1, which will be a response to the iPad Mini 2, the release of which is scheduled for November, as well as a response to the growing popularity of Android-plates mini format. What Microsoft may lure followers iPad Mini? A lot of nothing. This support for business software, such as Outlook, Exchange, and access to the systems of business planning and work with popular desktop applications for Windows on-screen mini- format.

It is expected that based on the Windows 8.1 will run the plates Surface Pro 2, the supply of which, however, have been left behind in December.

However, the release of Windows 8.1 – that is only one side of the coin. Along with the desktop OS Corporation also produces and a new version of its Windows RT 8, which is targeted at devices with chips ARM. Here consumers are waiting for the plates Surface 2, which works with the delivery will be on the market in November. Note that Microsoft insiders report that approximately 2015 Windows RT and regular Windows will be combined into a single product. But until that happens.

Also yesterday, Microsoft released Windows Phone 8 Update 3, which improved the operation of the mobile operating system and implemented it in a means of communication with the older operating system in the family of Windows.

Microsoft Windows 8

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