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The various nuances about Google Last Toolbar Page Rank Update 6 December 2013!

Google Page UpdateThe world of SEO is abuzz with the latest news – ‘Google Toolbar Page rank Update 6 December 2013’ – although it is pending confirmation.

Google normally updates page rank after 3 months, which is their normal procedure. In fact in October, when asked upon, Matt Cutts said that he is not expecting any update happen before 2014, because the toolbar export was ‘broken’.

What is Google Toolbar Page rank?

As per Google: those web pages that enjoy a higher page rank tend to appear at the top of a Google search. But this is not always the case. There have been incidents when a site has reached the top position out of nowhere. In fact it was not there only in Google Search. Then what made it click? Keep in mind that the number of visitors that a site receives is not the only detrimental factor that decides the page rank.

How should one go about it then?

In 2013, it has become much more difficult to manipulate a page rank with Google penguin, Google Analytics and other factors that play a significant role in determining the ranking of a page. So instead on concentrating on how to increase your site’s page rank one should lay more emphasis on getting quality sites that will link your site. So if you concentrate on where your next quality link comes from your sites real pr will be done without much effort and more importantly the visitors from Google will also increase because of this.

What is Toolbar PR?

Toolbar Page rank is a ‘simplification of real page rank’ but do keep in mind that it is not everything when it comes to ranking high on Google. In the same way just because a site is listed on the bottom of the PR does not mean that it has a poor PR, this can happen because of a lot many other factors as well.

And yes your PR might fall if you are caught selling links (this is completely against Google guidelines, so be aware of it) or you lose the high PR links from your site. But in the year 2013, instead of dropping the PR Google prefers to devalue your links if they believe that your site is selling links to help other sites work better.


How Fast Does Real PR happen?

In the year 2013 it happens instantly only, say within a few hours although Google updates the Page rank after every 3 months. One of the major reasons why the PR of a site drops is because the links posted in its site is not the worth. It can also happen because you site has been penalized by Google and there is a notice in Google Webmaster Tools about it.

Is Google Page rank pointless?

The answer is NO! There are instances where Google has chosen a reputable source on the basis of PR in order to distinguish between duplicate content that is found on multiple sites. And sites that hardly have PR are often considered to be spams.

Is it necessary to link out to other sites? Is it important?

Yes. It is always better to link out to other sites. It is healthy to build relationships with like-minded people so do link to those sites that you trust and know that they offer good content on the relevant topic. There is no harm in doing it. In this way your site will become more valuable to Google, if you use the links sensibly and in a proper manner.

In fact if you have a small business then it is better to concentrate on Google penguin and links that appear unnatural than Google Page Rank.

Remember that there is no specific guideline on the basis of which you can judge how a Page Rank works. There are many factors at play and as far as the reputation of your site is concerned it depends on genuine content along with links of reputable sites over a period of time.

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