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Evaluate Mobile User’s Activities to Create Perfect App!

iPhone App DevelopmentWhile creating an app, iPhone App Developer go through hell of a process in order to create an app that can make users make it part of their routine.

Users perform many activities on their phone, it totally depends upon person to person what they seek in their phone. The individual needs are catered through apps, but now iPhone app creators are struggling to come up with an app which can serve “all-in-one” purpose. To get the perfect idea, they have to make an effort to know the top activities that users perform on their devices.

  • The activity that wins the race is text messaging. Who doesn’t love getting texting, and sending them over. Sending text messages is still the most famous activity as 74.8% mobile subscriber considers it an important activity through mobile. Imagine you life without it, I am sure you will not be able to accept your situation. It means, instead of verbal communication, users prefer written communication as a more convenient way of expressing emotions.
  • Downloaded Apps comes second in terms of popularity giving fair chance to iPhone App Creators to make it to the top. 51.1% of the US mobile subscribers believe the use of downloaded apps is becoming popular now a day. More and more apps are being downloaded to serve different purposes, especially, to keep them entertained. Keeping that in mind, app developers are not giving up and are making sure users find everything they want in the app store.
  • Do you still use your laptop or PC to browse a website? I’m sure you don’t. We know that the use of laptops and desktop PC has been smartly eliminated by various mobile devices. That is the reason why web browsing has also turned its way from them, and jumped right into these devices. 49.8% of the users have made web browsing secure significant position in activity popularity. Accessing a website through laptop seems like a hassle now.
  • For those who were expecting making calls to be the next popular thing, here’s a bad news, Social Networks/Blogs took over this position. 36.7% of the subscribed users like to access social network like Facebook and Twitter through their devices to stay connected with their friends and families. It may seem like a less figure as many are not yet aware of the social media as yet. Still, this activity in terms of popularity comes at forth in the list. To say in touch with their friends and family anywhere they are is the idea behind its popularity.
  • Lastly, Smartphone users love playing games on faster devices and that is the reason why this activity has made it to the list of top 5 activities having 33.5% user voting for it. The percentage of users might be dominated by youth mainly, but the age bracket of gamers is getting wider day by day, so nothing can be said about that. Gaming apps may have contributed big time to make it to the list.

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