4 Immunity Booster Low Calorie Sandwiches (2020 recepie)

So here we bring 4 Low Calorie Sandwiches that are tasty and healthy. Every sandwiches recipe that we are share are pure vegetarian sandwiches using ingredients that are very basic. Moreover, they are easy and fast to prepare. In all our sandwiches, we’ve used Brown Bread. 1 piece of Brown Bread has roughly 73 calories.

Our first Sandwich is a standard vegetable sandwich but it’s key ingredient is Moong Dal Sprouts. We’ve boiled and slightly mashed those sprouts. Alongwith Sprouts, We’ll take Cucumber, Tomatoes, Capsicum and Paneer. Now we’ll take 2 Slices of Brown Bread. For taste, we’ll include Home Made Green Chutney. Now we’ll add these boiled and mashed Sprouts. Now we’ll add Cucumber slices. Then we’ll add Tomato slices. Then we’ll add paneer. Sprinkle some Chaat Masala for flavor. Add Green Capsicum. Heat the Sandwich until it becomes crispy brown. Your sandwich is prepared. Sprouts assist in making your immune sytem stronger and help purifying your blood. Sprouts have fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals and that is why it’s extremely imporant for your everyday diet. Additionally, it contains those acids that burn your body fat aids in weight reduction.

Our Second Sandwich is also as easy to make as the first one. For this, we need only two ingredients. Banana combined with Peanut Butter, we want one moderate sized Banana. Now we’ll take 2 pieces of Brown Bread. Employ Peanut Butter evenly. Wondering what’s Peanut Butter? Peanut Butter is made of peanuts. And it’s readily available readymade in grocery stores. Slice the bananas like this and set them on the bread. Heat the sandwich till it becomes crispy brown. Your Sandwich is prepared. For taste, you might add Cinnamon Powder for this sandwich. Peanut Butter has a fantastic quantity of Protein and it provides you fullness too. Lots of folks fear taking it due to its fat content. Yes, it has fat but since it is unsaturated fat, it’s a healthy fat to the body. It won’t damage your body if you take it in a limited amount. Due to its healthful fats, it gives energy to your body and thus makes for an perfect breakfast option.

Our third sandwich is also a vegetable sandwich but it’s key ingredient is Dahi/Yogurt that we’ll use in place of mayonnaise. Along with hung curd, we’ll take grated carrot, finely chopped cabbage and capsicum. Add roasted jeera powder. Heat the sandwich until it becomes crispy brown. Your sandwich is prepared. Cabbage has a fantastic amount of fibre and it prevents constipation. It is low calorie and hence, an perfect food for weight loss. Likewise carrots are good for your eyes, prevents you from heart ailments and also assists in cleansing your entire body. So overall this a great nutritional mix that’s not only healthy but also low calorie.

Our final sandwich is also an extremely interesting sandwich and we want just two ingredients for it. With this recipe, we want grated apple without peeling. Alongwith apple, we want grated carrot. For flavor, we can take homemade green chutney. Heat the sandwich until it becomes crispy brown. Your sandwich is prepared. Apples decrease the risk of diabetes. They’re also fibre rich and supply fullness to the body. Carrots also have cabbage in great quantity and the combined properties of carrot and apple provides for an extremely nutritious and a wholesome meal.

All these sandwiches are entirely fat free. We haven’t used any oil, butter or ghee when preparing these sandwiches. If you use a excellent nonstick pan, you won’t require a single drop of oil. If you’re in a hurry, you can have these sandwiches without grill but if you grill them, they get even tastier. If you use homemade chutney, then make sure it has very little spices and salt. In case you’ve got those sandwiches in breakfast, then choose fresh fruits, fruit juices or milk combined with it to get a whole breakfast meal. If you can make fresh orange juice at home and have it with any one of those sandwiches, then it can result in a whole breakfast meal.

Similarly, if you’ve got these sandwiches in the day, you can have them together with green tea. Whichever recipes you prefer from them, do give it a go and make it a part of your everyday diet. Also, do share your comments with us. If you will need any particular diet plans for dinner or lunch, plz mention in the comments below or Contact Us Through our Contact Us page we will send you a diet plan according to your suggestions for free.

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