5 Ways to Get Rid of Every Single Bed Bug Without Using Chemical

Are you worried about bed bugs? Oh, you’re not in your bed, are you? Okay, we have some bad news for you. The truth is, we all have insects hiding in our beds, which means you share the same pillow with these evil creatures.
You need to learn how to remove bed bugs for good. You must know your “enemy”.

Adult bed bugs can reach half an inch in size. Their color is brown and they are oval and they are also very visible. They don’t even have wings.

Bed bugs came into this world thousands of years ago. They can cut and inhale six times more blood than their original weight, which includes both animal and human blood. They have something like mosquito bites.

They only come during the night and they also prefer clean places. Many believe that bed bugs are hiding in their beds. They stick to public transportation, some other vehicles, hotels, furniture, etc.

But, there is no reason to throw your mattress. You must follow our instructions. Some scientists have confirmed that bed bugs do not contain diseases and they do not pose a threat to our health.

In this article we will tell you how easy tricks can help you get rid of bed bugs, as well as stay away from home.

Free your bed bugs at home

It may seem a little crazy, but in reality, there is a way to get rid of bed bugs. They can live in almost any condition, breed rapidly and spend 400 days without “food”.

One of the best options may be a chemical disaster, but actually spending your day in the living room can be difficult. The worst thing about bed bugs is that they increase resistance to chemicals and you “party” in your home, even if you pray well.

But you are not the only person who can solve such a problem. There are many people around the world who have the same problem.

Best Bed Bug Escape Plan

  1. See what’s really going on in your house

Early detection and prevention are key to eliminating bed bugs in your home. It is the source of every disaster and you start doing it better now. For the trick, you need a mirror and a flashlight. Insects are actually very small, so it is almost impossible to see them. But they like to assemble on bed frames and blankets. This is a good starting point.

First of all, you should carefully inspect your bed mattress and box springs. You should lift the mattress and look at the area as well. You should never cross cracks and seams.

Second, see if you have stools, brown spots, or spots that look like dry blood.

And third, check for cracks and cracks in your bedding. Also, if you have the courage, you need to set them apart.

If you notice any of the above, you should find the best natural method to eliminate bed bugs. If you can’t find a smoothie, step 9 is all you need.

  1. Remove visible bugs

Get rid of any bugs you may find using your business card, vacuum cleaner or sticky tape. You can choose your own method, but make sure it works.

  1. Wash “Bed Accessories”

It’s about your pillows, sheets, blankets, stuffed animals, or anything that touches your bed. You will need to dry them in a hot cycle to kill the remaining bed bugs and eggs.

  1. Colds also work well on them

If you can’t wash all those things, you can put them in your freezer. Low temperatures are as deadly to them as high heat.

  1. Use your vacuum cleaner

You should leave your mattress, carpet, bed structure and cracks in your headboard. Remember to do this often and use the most powerful suction option on our machine. Then, immediately discard the vacuum bag.

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