Excercise to Lose Love Handles Abs & Obliques Workout

Hey so today I am going to share abb workout which targets your obliques and love handles. If you are trying to lose love handles incorporating HIITs or cardio and Eating clean will help with the process as always a full day by day schedule can be found on my website And I know being in isolation especially in this time of lockdown isn’t the easiest but remember you’re not alone. I’m gonna be live-streaming twice a week on Twitch and you can jump on my discord to find workout buddies.

Excercise to lose love handles

We’ve got 14 exercises today 30 to 40 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds off so let’s start and sit on your mat And we’re starting with some woodchop situps lay completely flat on the mat with your hands wide open and then use your core to lift yourself up and bring both hands to one side then back down and then to the other side twisting your body to one side helps with working the obliques too.

Now get on to your side and we’re going to first do a leg raise by touching our ankle, then back down and do an oblique crunch for low impact just do the leg raise Now on to the other side we’re just getting started you’ve got this Alright get in a high plank position and we are doing some crossbody swipes Bring your knee in then swipe to the other side then repeat on the other leg Make sure your core is engaged by tucking your stomach in and also your glutes engaged Now lay flat on your mat and we’re doing some windshield wipes Just nice and easy guys focus on your breathing and your core you can do this .

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You’re doing well guys now get in the low plank position and we’re doing some hip dips from side to side. For low impact do it while on your knees just take breaks if you need to and go at your own pace, it’s totally okay Alright now get on your side again and we’re doing some oblique v crunches your core should be lifting you not your right arm.
It’s just there for support try to keep your legs straight too your obliques should be burning right now And for low impact just do some side crunches like so Great job guys were halfway through the workout just less than five minutes to go.

We’re flipping around and doing the other side All right now sit on your mat and we’re doing some angle in and outs Extend your legs out to the left then bring them back in turn to the right Make sure your core engage by bracing your abdominal wall keeping your core tight. We’re not far from finishing up So keep pushing guys you can do this now flip around into a high plank again and we’re doing some groiners, bring your leg to the side and if you can’t do It fast like so just do it slow without the jump just five more.

These Exercises to go guys go at your own pace and be safe with these Alright now lay flat on the ground and we’re doing some heel touches Remember to engage your core and don’t put too much tension on your neck muscles squeeze your abs Great work everyone just three more exercises to go get in a side plank position and we’re doing some side plank crunches again for low impact just Do it on your knees Now on to the other side just about a minute or so left guys we are almost there And the last exercise is bicycle crunch give this all you got let’s wrap this up Great job everyone. You did it. It’s not too hard, right? Hope you guys enjoy then share this article with you friends & share some love and I’ll see you in the next workout article Bye!

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