How Coconut is changing the lives of Million Keralites – After Lockdown Study

A recent Study conducted by group of nutritionist in kerala found out that how Coconut increased the immunity of keralites which is helping them fight daily viruses in 2020. Coconut and coconut oils are considered to be highly advantageous for human beings. It has been observed that people don’t take coconut oil in their regular diet which is not a healthy sign as you can learn from the Keralites that how they use coconut oil in their which boosted their immunity. Coconut oil is very good for making the person’s health better and to maintain it. Some of the chief benefits are enlisted as under:

  • Decreases or eradicates dandruff from hairs
  • Take care of dry and broken hair and scalp
  • Makes the hair shiny and healthy
  • Makes and keeps the skin younger
  • Simply immersed into skin for greater smoothness and dehydrated skin healing
  • Removes the makeup gently.

Physical Benefits of Coconut Oil

There is wide range of physical and health benefits related with coconut oil. Coconut oil is playing a significant role in making the human’s life better for a long period of time. Some of them have been discussed as under:

  • Coconut oil helps to decrease the negative impacts caused by Alzheimer on person’s health.
  • Coconut can help in making the mental clearness high.
  • Coconut can be used to decrease the weight or body mass. It also helps in increasing the metabolism rate which is a good sign.
  • Coconut oil gives strength and energy to the human body
  • Coconut oil is highly useful in decreasing the body infections and act as one of the best an antibiotics
  • The coconut oil has a quality of getting absorbed in the skin very easily; this makes the bones and muscles strong and gives them strength.
  • Calcium oil has an ability to control the moods ups and down. This is also a good source for reducing the saturated fatty acid levels in the body.

How to Use Coconut Oil

It is not easy to take the coconut oil alone but its intake is necessary. This can be taken with different kinds of food and eatables. It can be used in various types of dishes as well. Here we are listed some best ways to eat coconut oil. Some of the food products with which the coconut oil can be taken are as under:


You can take the coconut oil by combining it with the oatmeal. These two elements are not enough and will not taste good so it is suggested to use honey as well as berries and cinnamon with oatmeal and then put some drops of coconut oil. It would give you strength and power all the day.


The coconut oil can be used with pasta and noodles. You can put few drops of coconut oil in pasta and then eat it. This is highly beneficial for the health of person. It is recommended that coconut oil should be used when the noodles start boiling in the hot water. This will not make the noodles sticky and will keep them separate from one another.


It has been observed that people use butter or cooking oil while baking anything. It is suggested to use the coconut oil instead of any other thing in the baking pan. This will make the baking easy and will also give a sweet taste to the baked product.


The combination of coconut oil and eggs is considered to be good one. When making a simple egg or an omelet, you should use coconut oil instead of other oils. This will eliminate the sticking factor and fresh egg will be cooked.

Hence, it is mandatory to use the coconut oil in your daily diet just like of people of kerala used it. If you cannot take the oil directly then you can put it in above mentioned eatables as well to get the maximum benefit out of it.

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