Asian Diet To Loose 2kg Weight in 2 Weeks..

Want To Lose 2KG In 1? Follow This Magical Asian Diet

Maybe you have noticed that Asian women have no cellulite, and also Chinese women which don’t have excess weight. All this is because of one thing – a healthy and varied diet. With this diet, all the excess and harmful fats are eliminated.

The fats in our body can be pretty harmful, as they are the main cause of accumulation of cellulite and pounds.

Some experts think that Asians are slim because of the philosophy of the food that they consume. They sort their food into small plates and bowls, which are never filled to the top. In his paper named “The China Study”, Dr. Colin turned this Asian diet into a plan for losing weight, and from than, the world was crazy about it.

One of the main ingredients on the Asian women menu is rice. Also they consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. But you should also know that rice can be replaced with many other foods like wheat noodles, wheat bread or corn.

In order to maintain this diet, you should consume carrots, lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, onion and garlic, either fresh or cooked and seasoned with vinegar and oil every day. According to it you should also consume nuts, soya, fresh cheese and yogurt. You are also allowed to eat meat, but once a week. You can also eat chicken, eggs and sweets.

But try to replace the candies with fruit or cottage cheese with honey and nuts, or another choice is the dark chocolate with 75 percent of cocoa. You are allowed to eat red meat only once in a month, and you can in particular eat veal, beef and pork. Also, the list of foods that you should consume is quite long. There are a lot foods that you can include in your diet, and the most important thing about it is to take enough quantities to satisfy your appetite.

Those of you who are not very familiar with Asian cuisine and the foods that they consume, maybe will be confused a little bit by the non precisely defined meals on the menu. But the menu can change. You will also need to be careful about the caloric value of your meals. In this article we will present you a diet plan for just one day, and according to it you can make yourself a diet plan for the rest of the days.

Also, Dr. Colin claims that this diet will help you in losing six pounds, for just 10 days.

Here is our menu for one day of the diet:

  • Breakfast

Your breakfast can be boiled millet in skimmed milk. You can also take a cup of green tea and lemon, but it should be unsweetened.

  • Snack

For snack you can eat chopped fruit in a low – calorie yogurt. You can also take a cup of green tea, as well as an orange or grapefruit.

  • Lunch

For lunch, take integrate rice with tomato sauce and steamed vegetables. You can also eat baked potato and chicken, spiced with lemon and vinegar.

  • Snack

For snack, consume a cup of green or chamomile tea, or skim milk. For those that it is not enough, we recommend eating orange or grapefruit.

  • Dunner

Prepare the chicken into olive oil and for spicing it use various spices.

  • Dinner 2 ( for those who stay up late at night)

You can consume a cup of tea or milk.

So this trick is widely practiced in all most all Asian countries & this trick is giveing them results too. So what you guys are waiting for, start following this magical diet & lose wight.

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