It has been be medically proved that our body absorbs great amounts of everything that we apply on our skin immediately.

So if we want to promote good health and we attempt to follow a healthy diet which consists organic foods, then we will need to forget about cosmetic products, because they are not a good option at all. In the products we use for personal care, more then 10 000 ingredients, and at least 515 of them are used daily by the average women.

But the disturbing fact about all this is that 90% of this ingredients have never been tested if they are safe, and those which have been researched, have been found to consist of harmful elements, which can cause some problems and diseases such as birth defects, genetic mutation and cancer.

In a Press Release from the Cancer Prevention Coalition, from June 17, 2002, was stated:
“Cancer and health risk experts just concluded reviews that indicate mainstream cosmetics, and personal hygiene products pose the HIGHEST cancer risk exposure to the general public, even higher than smoking.”

In this article we will present you the 10 most dangerous carcinogens which we use every day.

  1. Deodorants
    In their content, deodorants include Parabens, petroleum products, aluminum and Triclosan which are very powerful toxins, that enter the fat cells of our underarms and breasts and can destroy the internal environment. This ingredients are connected with cancer, and deodorants can seriously harm the endocrine, metabolic and central nervous system. So, in order to prevent problems, you can use nourish organic cream deodorant with geranium. You can also prepare it at your home, using organic geranium essential oil and aluminum – free baking soda.
  2. Toothpastes
    Toothpastes consist of colored dyes, fluorides, saccharin, sodium lauryl sulfate and propylene glycol which are found to be responsible for neurotoxicity and cancer. In order to avoid this effects, you will need to by an Organic BR Brushing Rinse and add a drop of peppermint essential oil. Also you can use non – fluoride or non – chemical toothpaste. Another option is to use Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Tooth and Gum Powder as well.
  3. Sunscreen
    In the summer period, most of the women in the world use a sunscreen under their makeup. This products also involve Retinyl Palmate, which is very supportive in the growth of cancerous skin tumors and lesions. The majority of this kind of sunscreens are very harmful and are full with toxins. They alo do not protect the skin from cancer.
    Oxybenzone known as endocrine disruptor, is one of these. According to another recent research it is discovered that appropriate sun exposure can be the greatest source of vitamin B and it will also help in preventing skin cancer. Additionaly, EWG states that high – SPF may not really be so high SPF, so it is recommended to not spend your money on these expensive products. Or you can choose a clear zinc sunscreen, like Babo Botanical.
  4. Talcum powder
    The main ingredient that this kind of powder consists is Magnesium silicate. It can often be contaminated with asbestos. Also, according to other researches, body powders may raise the risks for getting an ovarian cancer. For that purpose you should either use Miessence Organic Body Powder or you can also use the following safe mixtures: mix 1/4 cup of kuzu root starch and 1/3 cups rice flour, with 7 drops of essential organic lavender oil.
  5. Moisturizers
    What can also raise the risk of cancer are applications of some moisturizers like Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream, Dermovan, Dermabase or Vanicream. This moisturizers consist of mineral oils, arsenic, lonizing radiation, and coal tars. Mineraloils have been found to be connected with 23 different diseases and health problems. For that purpose, use organic, unrefined and cold – pressed coconut oils instead of commercial moisturizers.
  6. Lipsticks
    Lipsticks consist of lead, Tar, Formaldehyde, Propylparaben, Polypropylene, Petroleum Distillates and more, and that is what makes them highly toxic. Because of that, make sure to always use organic lipsticks from the nearest health food store like Ecco Bella.
  7. Hairsprays
    Hairsprays are full with Formaldehyde, shellac, denatured alcohol, propylene glycol, Phthalates, which are chemical dangerous for the environment. The usage of hairsprays may also cause some damages to our lungs as well as numerous chemical sensitivities. Our suggestion is a certified organic product: Intelligent Nutrients hair balm.
  8. Benzoyl
    Peroxide If you apply Benzoyl Peroxide in the treatment of acne and oily skin, it may increase the risk of melanoma, which is a compound that has strong skin tumor – promoting activity. Instead of Benzoyl Peroxide, choose some more safer options, and less toxic, such as organic lemon or carrot seed essential oil.
  9. Mascara
    You will remember the strong smell of your mascara, if you ever smelled it, so that smell is due to the toxic chemicals that it contains, which can cause cancer. Mascaras contain very dangerous ingredients such as aluminum, Retinyl Acetate, toxic polymers, pertolatum, fragrance, petroleum distillates, formaldehyde and parabens, which help in aging. What you should do in order to prevent health problems is to throw away the mascara older than 6 months, as well as use some organic fragrance – free mascaras like Nvey Eco Organic Mascara.
  10. Skin lightening creams
    The use of skin lightening creams is to treat hyper – pigmentation, by applying them on the skin, and they contain excessive amounts of mercury. Their long -lasting effect have been never confirmed. Instead of using this kind of creams, you can schedule a diamond peel at the nearest spa and you will achieve the needed and wished results. We always fall into traps when we try to achieve the look we desire. But, those numerous products that we use can cause damages to our metabolism, hormones, as well as skin balance.



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