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Ubuntu 13.10 is available for download

Ubuntu Saucy SalamanderUbuntu GNOME 13.10, Lubuntu 13.10 and Kubuntu 13.10 is available for download

Alpha builds Ubuntu GNOME 13.10, Lubuntu 13.10 and Kubuntu 13.10 were published. The release is codenamed Saucy Salamander.

Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 – This is the second release of this distribution under the auspices of Ubuntu, in which the developers were able to add many new features and changes. Among the new features worth mentioning the inclusion in the assembly environment GNOME 3.8 (In Ubuntu 13.04 supplied GNOME 3.6) and a new session GNOME Classic. Ubuntu Online Accounts are no longer contained by default.

The distribution is now integrated Kubuntu 13.10 KDE Plasma and Applications 4.11 Beta 1. Muon Discover new tool allows you to find and install applications. As for the assembly of Lubuntu 13.10, it offers the following modifications: replacing Chromium browser to Mozilla Firefox, remove the component and adding XScreensaver tool ZRam, allowing a desktop installer to work on machines with less memory.

The Linux kernel in all three assemblies have been updated to version Ubuntu Linux 9.0.7, based on the upstream kernel v3.9.7 Linux.

Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander

You can download the latest version of the distributions of 13.10 from the official website of the developer. We remind you that the data releases are not suitable for use on computers that are used for commercial purposes, and can be deployed for testing only.

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