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The new technology BitTorrent Live will be a breakthrough for Internet TV

BitTorrent LiveTo the extent that, as in many countries are closing popular file sharing, people are increasingly turning their attention to an alternative way of obtaining files from the web. The most relevant output became torrents. Moreover, BitTorrent technology continues to evolve, embracing new segments of the transmission of information.

In particular, the creator of the protocol BitTorrent Bram Cohen showed visitors musical instrument SF MusicTech Summit (San Francisco), a new technology BitTorrent Live. It turns out it can significantly reduce the cost of broadcasting without sacrificing image quality and with minimal delay.

But the main task is to reorient the transfer air signal to the audience. Cohen said that in a few years he was able to solve a number of engineering problems, so now the protocol BitTorrent Live shifts 99% of the burden of delivering the signal to the computers and network of the audience, and even a delay for millions with no more than 5 seconds. The developer claims that access to technology BitTorrent Live simply download and install special client, integrated into the browser.

Curiously, the protocol BitTorrent Live is an open and free, so it will be able to use and non-commercial broadcasters. However, with free streaming, that is, without a paid license to use the server-side BitTorrent Live, will be displayed in the video advertisement. It is predicted that the revenue from the ads would be small compared to the current value of broadcast licenses. It is now preparing to release the final version of the developer tools SDK, and the company BitTorrent making contacts with the TV studios for joint testing of its technology.

“The transfer of content in the air is great, if you want to get your content seen aliens. If you want to inexpensively deliver a signal to all the inhabitants of the Earth, call BitTorrent Livet” – summed Bram Cohen.

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