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Social networks will tell about you much more, than you think

social facebookFacebook likes can reveal private personality traits, according to study

Increasing volumes of personal information that can be used by various computer programs, watch for how people use Facebook, have been the object of a new academic study.

These programs help the user to open a most unexpected information that it at least once shared on the network, such as sexual orientation, the possible use of drugs, and many other factors.

In a study conducted by sociologists and programmers from Cambridge University with the support of Microsoft, were investigated 58,000 random users Facebook. The objective of the study was to gather as much data, which were not originally explicitly specified by the user in his social profile, but somehow surfaced online in different time periods.

In the study, it was found that the algorithm with probability 88% predicted sexual orientation, 95% chance to race, and with 80% accuracy means religion and political preferences of users. Individual types of user and their emotional stability were predicted with a probability of 62% and 75%, respectively.

Researchers say that the study they are only connected Facebook. Facebook the company does not comment on the results of the study.

The authors say that their results once again raises the issue of concern related to information in social networks and how user data is circulating, even despite the fact that users are trying to hide some data or restrict circulation. Michal Kosinski, one of the authors of the report, said that the technology used in Cambridge can be easily replicated in real commercial products for the production of private information about people. “We used a very simple and common methods. Marketing companies can go much further and connect the many resources,” – he said.

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