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Oracle officially presented Java EE 7

Oracle officially presented Java EE 7Oracle on Wednesday formally announced the complete version of its enterprise platform Java Platform EE (Enterprise Edition) 7, focused on HTML5-applications, rapid creation of software, as well as today’s enterprise needs.

Corporate version of Java mainly focused on server-side deployment. The functions of the seventh version include JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), as well as support the transmission of data, communication WebSocket, as well as full support for HTML5.

“This is totally completed platform for creating HTML5-and mobile applications. Java EE 7 gives programmers a familiar framework for enterprises, but also contains a lot of tools and solutions to improve the speed of development and the quality of the code,” – said Cameron Purdy, vice president of development of Oracle.

Oracle officially presented Java EE 7

In Java EE 7 declared a full-featured support for JavaServer Faces 2.2, which provides support for HTML5-friendly layout. In addition, the seventh version adds support for problems with a very long performance, as well as applications with ultra-high scalability, and data race. From the point of view of developers, Java EE 7 offers an updated and greatly simplified API, simplified JMS API.

In Oracle say they support Java EE 7 appeared in NetBeans and Eclipse.

At present, Oracle has made available for download SDK Java EE 7 on its website – http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javaee/downloads

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