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Norton Mobile Security LITE for Android

Norton Mobile Security Lite for AndroidNorton Mobile Security – Mobile Antivirus for Android, which protects against malicious software and helps protect your data in case of theft or loss of your phone or tablet. Basic protection against malicious software is available for free.

Norton Mobile Security – Mobile Antivirus for Android, which allows to remotely lock or wipe the device with personal files in case of loss or theft of phone.

Protects smartphones and tablets from malware and filtering calls from unwanted callers.

Main features of Norton Mobile Security Lite

Free virus protection

Eliminates viruses and malware for Android before they infect your phone or tablet:

– Automatically scan for viruses in downloaded applications and application updates;

– Detects and removes mobile threats that cybercriminals use to steal your personal information, send spam messages or by taking control of the mobile device;

– The ability to scan data on SD-card (Secure Digital) for threats when inserted into your phone with advanced virus protection;

– Rapid detection of new threats through collective information provided by millions of users of Norton;

– Remote lock (when added to the Norton Account).

Allows you to remotely lock your phone if it is lost or stolen:

– Remotely lock your phone via SMS text message, so that thieves can not get access to your information or to spend money balance;
– Protects your personal information from other in case of loss or theft of the Android-device.

Quick and easy to use antivirus Norton Mobile Security LITE not slow down your Android-smartphone:

– Download and install antivirus in a few simple steps;
– Effectively checks for updates every week to install the latest versions of antivirus;
– Do not use a telephone system and does not slow down your web browser;
– Do not discharge the battery smartphone.

The paid version of Norton Mobile Security

– Protection against unauthorized access to personal data;
– Allows you to remotely locate, lock and delete the data on the phone in case of loss or theft;
– Norton will help find lost Android-smartphone using GPS-navigation and map Google ITA;
– Enable instant locking when changing the SIM-card on your phone, the thief could not use another SIM-card;
– Remote device wipe all data on the phone is lost or stolen, so no one can get access to your personal information, contacts, credit card numbers.

Protecting your privacy when using the Internet. Blocks fraudulent and phishing websites created by cybercriminals to steal your identity.

Blocking calls and SMS. Blocking calls, numbers and SMS messages for spam and unwanted calls.

Back up. Backup and easy recovery of contacts and exchange between your Android-devices.

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