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Korean Samsung Electronics today unveiled curved TV

Samsung Electronics unveiled curved TVAfter a series of delays, the Korean Samsung Electronics today unveiled curved TV that uses OLED technology to form the image.

55-inch model sold in South Korea 15 million won, or 13,000 dollars – five times more expensive than LCD TVs of similar size.

Kim Hyun-suk, a Samsung executive vice president, said that the advantage of OLED in exceptional picture quality, which is much superior to LCD. However, analysts disagree as to whether consumers are paying a price for the consumer OLED-model, even if it offers HIGH-quality images. Earlier television industry has made a bid for 3D-TV … and miscalculated: consumers do not have to pay a bonus price for 3D, as producers have suffered losses. Refused to release potrebkontenta with 3D and large generators.

As for the curved TV models, the Korean consumers are not new. In May of that year, LG Electronics showed a model with a curved screen, with its diagonal and was 55 inches. LG also sells a TV for 15,000 won and it is available only in South Korea. The Samsung say they will sell their TV model including outside of Korea from July this year.

Recall that Samsung was the first world producer who started producing large-size OLED-TVs in 2012, but after the debut of the company stopped mass production because of the high cost of technology and resumes just now.

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