Tips on How To Maintain Your Computer Device

pcMaintaining your computer device is as essential as maintaining your vehicle. If you are interested in preventing your computer device from slowing down, it is important to optimize it on a regular basis.

Most of the people do what; they call professionals for maintaining their computers. But you do not need to such things. All you need to do is to find out some various tips and tricks for maintaining your PC is an easy and effective manner.

Follow some fundamental guidelines to maintain a PC, mentioned below: Continue reading

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BlazeVideo HDTV Player and TV Recorder 30% Off

BlazeVideo logo

BlazeVideo HDTV Player and TV Recorder 30% Off

Have a good day. The good news for our readers: New COUPON Code(30% Off) on HDTV Player & Recorder series from BlazeVideo, Inc. are available for You!

You Save 30%Discount on HDTV Player and TV Recorder

COUPON Code(30% Off): World-Cup

Expires: July 31, 2014 Continue reading

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Advanced SystemCare Free to optimize the OS still support XP

The update SystemCare Free 7.3The update SystemCare Free (a set of tools to optimize the operating system) – now available.

Advanced SystemCare is a free package to optimize, tweak, fix bugs and improve the overall performance of the operating system.

The program analyzes the system and then optimizes your system configuration, including changes to the optimal security settings, cleans spyware and adware, corrects errors in the registry and deletes temporary and unneeded files, defragment your hard drive manufactures and system registry, allows you to manage startup and more. Continue reading

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Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair – Launched

Stellar-Data-RecoveryStellar Phoenix Access Database Repair – SOHO – 5.0

Dear Readers,

Here we at Stellar bring an updated version of Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair v5.0 for you. Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair is a comprehensive tool that can safely recover your high-risk, critical data from corrupt MS Access databases.

Merchant: Stellar Data Recovery Inc
Platforms: Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows Vista

Unit price: 129.00 USDbuy-now Continue reading

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Tomography Equipment for All Surveying Projects

powerstingsystemSurveying teams go out into the field every day to figure out what is underneath the ground that they are standing on. However, this can only be done with the help of good tomography equipment that is designed to help see what is under the earth before a company begins to dig or explore the land further. With the best of these tomography units from or other places, the company is going to know what is under the ground and have the chance to make smart decisions about how their money is going to spent on that land. Because the leasing of land or the purchase of land is very expensive, there are many companies that are not going to make a move to develop that land until they are absolutely sure what is under the ground. Continue reading

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A Look At The Gionee Elife E7

Gionee Elife E7The Gionee Elife E7 is not any ordinary Chinese phone but this is the first Chinese phone to have Qualcomm’s 2.5 Ghz Snapdragon CPU so no other smart phone in China has this chip yet.

The Display & Design

The device comes in with a 5.5 inch 1080p display, the viewing angles are great, the display is made by JDI so there is no problem with the picture quality here.

In terms of built quality it actually feels pretty solid except for the fact that it has got a glossy finish which I really do not like so much because it gets a lot of fingerprints on it. Continue reading

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Leaked NSA documents reveal indiscriminate spying on SMS world-wide

Text Message SpyingThe National Security Agency (NSA) is not the sort of entity that enjoys being in the spotlight, but lately; it’s been having a really tough time staying out of the public eye.

Just days before the US president Barrack Obama is to speak about reforms to the NSA, it has been revealed that the latter had reportedly been scooping up millions of text messages from around the globe on daily basis. Intriguingly, the sweeping is done in an untargeted manner, which means that even those people who aren’t suspected of any wrong-doing are being spied upon by the security agency. Continue reading

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Evaluate Mobile User’s Activities to Create Perfect App!

iPhone App DevelopmentWhile creating an app, iPhone App Developer go through hell of a process in order to create an app that can make users make it part of their routine.

Users perform many activities on their phone, it totally depends upon person to person what they seek in their phone. The individual needs are catered through apps, but now iPhone app creators are struggling to come up with an app which can serve “all-in-one” purpose. To get the perfect idea, they have to make an effort to know the top activities that users perform on their devices. Continue reading

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Android security – tips and recommendations

android securityIf you don’t want to run into security problems with your Android device, we will give you some tips and recommendations on how to avoid them.

As an operating system, Android has always been unstable in terms of security and how it deals with serious threats of any kind. So how can someone using this OS for their smartphone avoid such issues? For one, we recommend you to do this: use encryption for your device’s most important data. Continue reading

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